Case 10

Case 10 of Case Studies

Case study No 10, J H Female AU AA is a reversible type of hair-loss but how?
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JH, was suffering from Alopecia Areata for a number of years, developing to Alopecia Totalis and then progressing to Alopecia Universalis. Remission with nearly 100% scalp regrowth was achieved after one year of topically applied Calosol products. Should continue the maintenance of the recent regrowth with the Calosol shampoo use for a few more months. I wish her well and thank her for her support.
A cure for Alopecia Totalis using Calosol Hair Products

Read some of J.H’s updates posted regularly on the keratin site. After reading other’s posts about Calosol. JH decided to have a go with Calosol products. Shared her updates and experience with the Calosol products and provided regular posts and also informal chats with other AA sufferers on the Keratin’s forum pages. ( and click “forum”, and click “Is anyone Using Calosol?”

Read Ju’s updates and make up your own mind.
We are all grateful for her regular updates. Now she is providing us of her own photos taken by her on the six and 12 months period. JH started the use of Calosol products on April 2002; this is a selection of Ju’s posts on the keratin forum, numbered 1-10. If you want to read all of Ju’s updates, visit the site.

1. MARCH 2002
Author: Ju Guest Wed Mar 20, 2002 3:16 pm

I am seriously thinking of starting the calosol treatment & have been e-mailing elias with 101 questions before I start. I first read about it over1 year ago in the Telegraph, I only had AA then but have progressed to AU since end of Sept last year. The thought of never regaining my hair appals me, Elias has NOT given a guarantee this treatment will work for me but says there is a 30-40% chance with AU although he is getting better results with AA & AT. OK so it is 200 pounds sterling (sorry my pound sign isn’ t working!) for 6 months treatment. The only other treatment I’ve been offered is Dyphencyprone, which is basically, an acid treatment, which God only knows what lasting effect it has on your scalp. It is also only in a trial phase and could be discontinued at any time during the treatment. I really don’t consider this an option. I do know of someone who has had complete success with, I believe, Chinese medicine, but it was not one of the high street practitioners, which I have had very bad reports about, it was a private registered individual. I am trying to find out more about this and will post again if I find out anything else. In the meantime I have to make a decision on the Calosol !!!
Anyone else had any success/ failure with the stuff ???

2. JUNE 2002
Author: Ju, Guest/ Mon Jun 17, 2002 12:13 pm/ Is anyone using Calosol

Great to here your good result. I have also been using Calosol for 10 weeks now and like you 5- 6 weeks into the treatment I found a few fine hairs, but they were very hard to see.

Now at 10-11 weeks into the treatment they are still there and have increased in number. However they are still very difficult to see and don’t seem to get very long. Have yours changed colour and become terminal hair & if so how long did it take to get to that stage? I am so excited to hear of someone else with similar results. Keep posting your progress and lets hope it continues.

3. June 2002
Author: Ju Guest/ Tue Jun 18, 2002 4:17 pm

Hi Matt, Linda & everyone
I’m really encouraged with what everyone says about their experience with Calosol. Although I’ve said I can see a few fine hairs some days I think nothing is happening because they don’t seem to progress as fast as I’d like! But there is definitely more even if I still look completely bald and shiny if I look in the sunlight these hairs are there. I’ve tried pulling one out & it does not hurt so that’s a bit disappointing but to hear everyone else’s tales I think I’ll just have to be a bit more patient!
Keep positive everyone no matter what treatment you’re getting.
I will e-mail you Matt and anyone else who wants to talk if they want. I’m especially interested in those using Calosol-obviously! JU

4. JULY 2002
Author: Ju, Guest/Mon Jul 08, 2002 12:20 pm

Hi Kevin
I’ve been AU since last Sept, this time last year I had shoulder length hair with just 2 small patches of AA, which were re-growing. I started the Calosol treatment on 4th April this year. Around mid May I saw some very fine white hairs over the top of my scalp.

I still have the fine hairs and there are more of them down the sides now but I emphasise that I have to look VERY closely and they don’t seem to be getting any longer or turning terminal. Some people seem to grow their lashes & brows first when using Calosol but unfortunately I haven’t got any sign there yet. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m going. Ju

5. AUGUST 2002
Author: ju Guest/ Sun Aug 04, 2002 1:18 pm

Hi everyone,
I’ve been on holiday & then without my computer so I’ll update you on my progress.
I’ve been using the Calosol for 4 months now. I started seeing some fine hairs on top of my head after about 2 months. It remains pretty much the same but the fine hairs are definitely more extensive, they just don’t seem to get any longer or darker. As I am AU I have been told it will take longer rather than the shorter expected time to get terminal hairgrowth.

5. OCTOBER 2002
Author: Ju Guest/ Sun Oct 06, 2002 2:39 pm

Hi everyone
I’m now 6 months into the treatment & have just sent for another 3 months supply. I have been AU for 1 year. This week I have fuzzy growth now covering 90% of my head. I have half an eyebrow on the left side and the right is starting to show!!! I keep shaving these as they are dark hairs and 1/2 a brow looks a bit odd!

The fuzzy growth over my scalp is mainly light but I am starting to see some turning dark. I try to pluck the hairs to see if they are anchored & at first they came out easily without me feeling it, but now I really have to tug the hair so they are definitely getting stronger. I’m obviously pleased with the results but I wish I could speed it up! I should add that I am taking a hair supplement of silica and also flax seed oil.
Good luck everyone whatever you choose to try. Ju

6. OCTOBER 2002
Author: Ju Guest/ Tue Oct 22, 2002 12:17 pm

Hi everyone, just to update you all
I’ve been using calosol for almost 7 months & the last month I have seen some pretty good growth. It started about 2 months into the treatment but was very slow, it now seems to be speeding up & also turning terminal. I know what Matt means about shaving his head, some of the hair is very soft & the growth is sporadic so shaving it keeps it all the same. I’m female & been AU for exactly 1 year now after having AA for the previous 3 yrs.

I’m very pleased with the calosol but I think you have to stick with it & try to apply it regularly to get a result. Anyone wishing to e-mail me

7. DECEMBER 2002
Author: Ju Guest/Mon Dec 09, 2002 1:42 pm

Hi Everyone
Haven’t posted for a while coz I’ve not had time but I have good news!
I’m 9 months into the Calosol treatment & I’ve got hair over 75% of my head. I have two complete eyebrows & my lashes are now appearing.

The hair growth is very slow, you have to be patient. I was constantly feeling my head at first for signs of growth as you would get after shaving but it doesn’t come back like that.

At first you see very fine light hairs, you may only be able to see them in a certain light & if you see one you almost certainly have a few more. These gradually turn darker. Even though I say I’ve got 75% of my scalp covered it doesn’t look like that as some of it is still light & fine. & my eyebrows are only just starting to look complete, the lashes can’t really be seen without mascara.

I started using Calosol on 4th April this year. I saw the first fine hairs at 2 months. I have had one set back because I ran out of the lotion & Elias had run out of supply so I was about 2 weeks without, when I received it (along with some shampoo Elias sent for me to try) I went a bit mad applying it 5 or 6 times a day. Unfortunately I had a bad reaction (I have eczema) I should have started from scratch and built up the applications again. However I don’t think this has been altogether bad as most conventional treatment aim to cause a reaction to stimulate hairgrowth so perhaps I may have done myself a favour!!

I do think that applying a small amount frequently tho’ is more beneficial than plastering a lot on once a day. Anyone else have any thoughts about that? It’s just that in August we went on holiday & I applied the lotion more often in that time, after that was when I started seeing good results. I have shaved my head once now so that the lotion is easier to apply to the whole head but I think the growth is so good now I will just apply to the small shiny bald areas.

People ask me if I think it is the Calosol, which has made my hair grow & I say that it must be. We’ll never know but I won’t stop using now!!

8. JANUARY 2003
Author: Ju Guest/ Fri Jan 10, 2003 5:43 pm

Hi everyone, update from Ju here,
It’s now 9 months since starting the C & I’ve got about 75% hair growth. Still very slow but I’ve got full brows & almost all my top lid lashes back. The hair on my head is still patchy but it’s covering. It really started around the 7 month mark to become terminal. I think if this carries on I will be WIG FREE in 6-8 weeks now

I showed a friend my head yesterday (she hadn’t seen it since it was shiny bald) and she burst out crying! She couldn’t believe it. This just shows me how well it’s doing, because I examine every inch of my head 2-3 times a day & sometimes feel it’s not growing at all. I did take pictures when it was shiny but they were so awful I didn’t keep them but I have taken some more this last month & will keep on now.

Everyone looking for results all I can say is don’t look for your usual hair, look for baby hair, very fine & light only visible in certain light, that will be the first sign then just keep applying the stuff morning, noon & night! Thanks Elias if you’re reading the posts.
Happy, Hairy, New Year to you all! .Ju

9. MARCH 2003
ju Thu Mar 27, 2003 10:37pm – calosol

hi everyone,
it will be exactly one year on the 4th April when I started using calosol,
you’ve seen my posts of progress throughout. I can report that very soon, maybe next week, if I can pluck up courage, I will go without my wig in public & to work. I have 95% scalp regrowth after being AU for almost 18 months. I have both eyebrows and almost both eyelashes. I am sssooooooo HaPPPPPPY …….

10. APRIL 2003
Ju Guest/ Sun Apr 27, 2003 9:57am /Calosol

I started calosol on 4th April 2002 having been AU for 6 months before. I’ve been wig free now for 2 weeks.!!! I have both eyebrows, almost all lashes & body hair is now starting to return.
Elias has sent me some new products to try so I’m still using the calosol in shampoo form & oil. I couldn’t be happier; I’m going to the hairdressers soon for a trim!!!

—————The End———————–

I sincerely thank Ju for her kind permission, and hope she continues updating us all.