Case 12

Case 12 of Case Studies

CASE STUDY 12 – Owen

AA severe since 18 months old: Mother’s own story. Just a typical story, by Owens’s mum.

Before and After treatment: Calosol 4H Solution twice daily applications And Calosol Shampoo use every other day.

Little boy regrows hair after using Calosol products

My Name is Sue I am the very proud mother of Owen, a bright, happy little boy. When Owen was 18 months old we noticed a penny sized patch of hair on his scalp appeared to have rubbed away. We all thought nothing of it, one of those things. Until a few weeks down the line Owen started to lose hair on his crown and the sides of his scalp.

By this point I was extremely upset and worried, mainly because I thought he had an underlying medical condition, was being stressed or some other reason for this to happen. I even blamed it on a holiday we had taken to Lapland earlier in the year. We took Owen to the local GP who then referred us to a Dermatologist who diagnosed Alopecia Areata. We were given steroid cream called Dermovate and sent home. Explaining the fact it was an immune system disorder, and would probably clear itself up.

So me being the worried mum I applied the Dermovate cream but it did nothing for Owen, in fact the condition got worse, eventually to the point Owen had lost nearly 70% of his hair. After these initial consultations we were never seen again, so not any sort of support.