Case 2

Case Studies

CASE 2 – Lauren, aged 7

Multiple adjacent patches, progressing to AU (eyebrows and lashes affected also). Lauren’s mum was offered steroid treatment by the local Hospital Consultant. Parents refused. Agreed to start Calosol immediately, hairloss and new patches continued two more months. Full regrowth after eight months.

July 2000 before Calosol 4H treatment

Child's hair before Calosol 4H treatment

October 8th 2001

Child undergoing treatment for Alopecia

October 22nd 2001 showing hair regrowth

Child's hair regrowth after using Calosol products

Lauren’s story was documented in ‘The Daily Times’ of London, 19 Sept. 2000, section; TIMES 2, Alternative Healing and also in ‘WOMAN’ 4 Dec. 2000.
Latest Update: Up to Jan 2003 Lauren is free of Alopecia Areata.