Case 3

Case Studies case 3


Ryan: What a super child, he went through a fifteen month period with various treatments including ‘minoxidil’ and the ‘combo’ special offer. Only his patches were increasing in number and size.

Child's hair before Calosol 4H treatment

Ryan’s mum sought the help of a prominent London Consultant. Ryan was treated for 15 months with Minoxidil and steroids up until Feb 01.

The consultant’s prognosis was poor, I quote: The ophiasis pattern of alopecia areata, the nail involvement,the onset in childhood and the family history of insulin-dependant diabetes are all poor prognostic factors.

Child's hair regrowth after using Calosol products

September 2001 showing hair regrowth

Feb 2000: Sought an alternative and wanted to try Calosol, I assured Ryan’s Mum that in my opinion the prognosis was good; the initial regrowth response could be any time between 3-8 weeks.The target was a 100% scalp regrowth by Christmas. Applying Calosol twice, would result to the start of a new hair cycle. The thin newly synthesised hairshaft that merges at the scalp surface may include vellus hairs which eventually grow into terminal-type pigmented hair shaft. Within three weeks Ryan’s mum noticed the new growth of vellus hair (non-pigmented).

Ryan has regrown all his hair. At the start he did loose some hair due to the discontinuation of minoxidil and steroids but NORMAL hair regrowth followed soon after.