Case 4

Case 4 of Case Studies

CASE 4 – JP Age 14, Trichotillomania and Diffuse Hair loss for over two years.
Diagnosis can be difficult. Hair loss due to trichotillomania.

Treatments including steroids, cancelling etc. had no effect. It took three weeks of daily Calosol applications to observe the initial signs of regrowth. The speed and pattern of the regrowth really surprised many, me also; one interesting clinical future is the regrowth pattern. While the cream was only applied mostly to the frontal hairline, the regrowth pattern was symmetric with hair regrowing on the entire scalp. VERY INTERESTING CASE

Young adult with Trichotillomania

Pictures show before and where the hair was starting to regrow

Hair regrowth after using Calosol cream

The added hair colour is the result of the young person visit to the hairdresser and dyeing of her hair with the colour of her choice. The photos were taken by me (Elias),evidently I have no talent in photography, if only I took better pictures.