Case Studies

Case Studies

We have had updates from hundreds of people that have used our products with success. All AA cases are special but here are few case studies that were especially interesting. For example cases involving children and parents saying to us that they were told “there is no cure” for their loved ones” and best learn to live with this”. In reality they were told the truth because their expert advice is based on what they know is available as a treatment as there is presently no cure by orthodox medicine.

In the book “ATLAS OF CLINICAL DERMATOLOGY” 2nd Edition-by Anthony Du Vivier (Mosbey-Wolfe, 1993) summarises the factors indicating a guarded prognosis as follows:

  • severe patches
  • ophiasis
  • loss of eyebrows and eyelashes
  • early onset
  • alopecia totalis/universalis
  • associated atopic disease
  • previous attack

We have come across some cases which were easier than others: one particular case was intriguing, and simply summarised the difficulties coping with AA, please read on.

“My dermatologist offered my grand-daughter steroid injections, I knew that his own daughter with similar age to my grand-daughter, was also suffering with AA hence I asked him if the steroid injections were any good for his daughter, NO he replied, then I thought why is he offering us the same treatment? I declined his offer to have my grand-daughter injected with steroids”.

These are REAL CASES with REAL PEOPLE involved.