Real People – Real Testimonials

The following is some of the feedback we have received from CALOSOL 4H users. Unfortunately we regret, we did fail in a few AU cases also. Overall the success and fail rate is 10/1. It is not acceptable; we feel there is space for improvement.

DB Mum of a 12 year old boy, AU (USA).

I’m so happy with the results. Thanks again for all your help.

JN Mum of a 14 year old girl, AA (USA)

The spots are filling in nicely.

AP Mum of a 12 year old boy, severe AA, (USA)

I can see my son’s hair growing in front of my eyes.

Mrs W, England, Mum of Alex age 5, Alopecia Areata and diffuse hair loss:

In all, from seeing Mr Bouras in February and starting the cream in March, all of his hair (Alex’s) had come back by August which is just brilliant. I wish I’d known about him sooner.


My husband has been using your product for about 6 months. He is having very good results. His eyebrows are regrowing.

LF USA (AA severe, progressing)

Just wanted to give you a update on my daughters progress. It is now just about a year since starting the treatment (Jan. 27, 2002 to be exact). Looking back over the year I could not be happier with the results. She went from almost total hair loss to now having about 75-80% of her hair back.

CP. England, AA 80% progressing, female.

So far, I have nearly all my hair back on the top and crown of my head. The hairline is beginning to appear on the sides of my head, which is all good news. My eyebrows have not only returned but seem to have come back in the lovely shape! This will save a fortune at beauticians! My nails on my hands seem to be stronger and there is no longer the ‘pitted’ effect that I had for many years. I am confident that my body and immune system are back on track.

DH, England

My hair has continued to grow at its usual rate. I also have eyelashes covering one lower lid

GDH, Wales

After 38 years of trying various pills and portions I didn’t hold out much hope but it was the best money I have spent

JM, Australia, AA severe

I am so impressed with the Calosol product, please let me be your agent in Australia, there is a need.

JP, AA patches, UK

I haven’t had any new patches appear since I began the treatment. I still have the one patch behind my left ear, but this is diminishing slowly.

Ju. England, AU

I too was AU & started the Calosol in April last year. I started getting fuzz around Sept 2002 and it’s just got better (Jan. 2003). I now have about 90% growth although it’s slow.

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